Stunning Bell Flower spoon bowel pendant.


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Another unique idea by me, I have used the bowel of a silver spoon and silver wire to create this really pretty flower pendant. I flatten the spoon bowel and annealed the silver in order to be able to wrap the sides of the bowel around and form the flower shape. I then use silver wire to make the stamen by heating the ends so the silver pulls back and then connect all of them to a jump ring and solder all the parts together, the stamen are all moveable in pairs. I have also made matching earrings using a spoon bowel cut into two parts with exactly the same concept only half the size of the pendant, please see my other listing, each flower will vary slightly being hand made and are each unique in their own way. It can be worn on a chain or on a leather cord which can be purchased separately if needed, please see my other listings.


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