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Julissimo (aka Juliet Brown):

“Juliet hand-crafts each piece of Jewellery by upcycling old solid silver cutlery into unique pieces to wear – from rings to pendants, earrings to bracelets. Because Juliet designs her creations around hallmarked silverware, her jewellery comes with a history. Spoon rings are having a bit of a renaissance as we enter the 2020s.

The idea is widely considered to have originated in 17th century, when people began to make rings from the metal handles of table flatware. In those days, flatware was highly prized. The pieces were typically made of solid silver, and often displayed the family crest of the wealthy family who commissioned, owned, and used the pieces.
Popular folklore explains in those times servants couldn’t afford to buy ‘proper’ engagement/wedding rings when they wanted to get married so they would steal a silver flatware piece, usually a coffee or tea spoon from their master’s home, take it to the local blacksmith who in turn would shape it into the ring!

Juliet makes beautiful items of jewellery using vintage solid silver cutlery, incorporating copper shapes, silver charms and amber among other things.

I love everything about the craft, the unknown history for each knife, fork, or spoon. The change in purpose. The beauty of working with silver and then knowing they will be worn and enjoyed and continuing on the next part of their journey.”

Juliet Brown
“My journey began when I stopped smoking in 2017, I started bead and braiding jewellery using my hands to keep my attention away from cigarettes! Through an Ebay purchase of jewellery display equipment, I met a lady who because of various family commitments had stopped making spoon jewellery. one thing led to another and in one afternoon I had not only collected my original ebay purchase but emptied my bank account in one move by buying all her tools and equipment, everything I needed along with some silver spoons to start making spoon rings myself.

Out of the draw and in use once more, a pure pleasure and all because I stopped smoking.

Please email juliet@julissimo.co.uk for information

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