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Silver Rings
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Julissimo Jewellery is Juliet Brown, deeply passionate about making beautiful and unique items of Jewellery using vintage solid silver cutlery, incorporating copper shapes, silver charms and amber among other things.

Juliet gives new LIFE to OLD  solid silver cutlery, keeping the history yet transforming it’s use. Taking it to a new level.

From:- Knives, Forks, Spoons, Sugar Tongs, even Napkin Rings                                     

To:- Spoon Rings, Spoon Pendants, Spoon Bangles, Earrings from Spoons, Fork Rings, Fork Bangles, Fork Pendants, Knife Bangles, Knife Pendants.

Pendant – Silver spoon & copper

Julissimo Jewellery also gets out and about so to find out where our next market stall will be or which Festival we will be attending, check out our Blog page ‘Where to find Julissimo in 2023’ or follow us on facebook.


Solid silver spoon ring

Julissimo has many individual pieces of jewellery in stock ready to find new homes, If you do not find what you are looking for please feel free to email Juliet with your requirements, we can send photographs of examples or make to order.

We also work to commission which will vary depending on our stork of cutlery or the family silver you wish to transform into gifts or personal items of jewellery. We can make pieces according to age of the Hallmark on the cutlery (a spoon ring manufacture in the year of your birth), silver cutlery pendants containing your birth stone to a set of Wedding rings. Our passion is to create unique items to be lovingly gifted and worn.

Please note that Julissimo Jewellery only make Jewellery from solid silver cutlery which is in perfect condition. All our items are antique varying in age from 1700’s to the 1970’s in a wide assortment of styles and patterns.

Please contact:

via email to        juliet@julissimo.co.uk

Telephone          07860 620326

If you have items of silver that have been passed down in the family and wish for them to be up-cycled into items of jewellery please email for more information and cost.

Due to many items being unique and one off pieces it is very difficult to list all products and the website shows just a small selection. Facebook and Instagram are regularly updated to show the current range, please don’t hesitate to message requesting more information on any of my items:


Spoon Rings

Spoon Handle Rings

Pinky Rings

Earrings from one end of the spoon or the other



Leather & Silver bracelets

The Viking range

Gemstone settings

incorporating copper shapes

Abalone (Pāua Shell) & Silver

silver charms and amber

Thanks Juliet


A special commission. A very proud dad asked Juliet if she had anything with a helicopter on it as his daughter just passed her helicopter pilots licence at only 19 years old.
Juliet said leave it with me and this is the result. Cute eh!

Leather and Silver Bracelets

Gemstones Settings

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires are identical to gemstones that are mined. Sometimes referred to as “synthetic,” our colored gemstones are grown in a lab to be perfect.

Abalone (Pāua Shell) & Silver

New Zealand Abalone (Pāua Shell) is the most colourful abalone shell in the world. Its iridescent nacre features deep blue and green hues with flashes of pink and purple.

Unique to New Zealand, Juliet beach combs the rocky coastlines for pāua shells on her visits to see family. Paua is one of the most sustainably managed wild abalone fisheries in the world.

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